A gorgeous, custom home and exciting, unique lifestyle…this is what you will find when you live at The Sands at Front Beach. This stunning development on prestigious Front Beach Drive is a welcomed, seamless addition to the current landscape and attitude of Front Beach. The Sands is a beachfront community where walking and biking are the past times of choice and a place where homeowners linger a little longer on their front porches to visit with neighbors. Our vision is to create a community that captures the values of 50 years ago…one that encourages pedestrian traffic, interaction amongst neighbors, and complements the coastal beauty of Ocean Springs.


Southern simplicity with an abundance of charm! Our homes will be architecturally unique while complimenting the neighboring homes and the coastal character that makes up Front Beach. Each of the 41 homes will be custom designed to subtly reflect the owner’s tastes, needs, and lifestyle. The environment is key in determining the shape, color, and texture of the architecture, landscaping, and roadways. Our goal is for your home to age with grace and to withstand the elements of weather and time. Your home will be built with utmost integrity using time- tested, genuine construction materials and techniques to ensure survival.   


The architecture of The Sands at Front Beach will be a homage to the rich, architectural heritage of the the American South and Caribbean West Indies. Our mantra will define traditional eclecticism. Whether it’s the stately columns of the Old South, the shaded bracketed balconies of the Virgin Islands, or the quaint charm of the Florida Cracker Style, our vision is a distinct collection of architectural styles that effortlessly complement one another. By merging elements from these design periods of the past with the coastal vernacular of Front Beach, Ocean Springs, The Sands will offer a unique architectural experience never before seen along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.